Field Guide to the Race Track Nature Preserve


The Race Track Nature Preserve is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, according to naturalist John Yrizarry, who spent more then ten years observing and documenting life in this 21-acre basin of mixed meadows, marsh, swamp and forest. Of the 450 plus trees and plants identified in Tuxedo Park, more than 300 thrive here, including some rarely found in New York State. Thirty to forty species of birds use the area as a breeding ground, while another eighty or more use it as a flyway. Some fifty types of butterflies and moths have been sighted. Common mammals such as deer, near, raccoons, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, woodchucks and coyotes, as well as reptiles and amphibians, also make their home here.


The Field Guide is designed to help visitors better understand and appreciate the wonders of nature at our community Nature Preserve. New information is added regularly, so please check this page before you next take a stroll in the Preserve!