+ Revitalizing Village land parcels

The Village owns various land throughout Tuxedo Park. Some parcels border the Tuxedo Lake, our drinking water reservoir, and the Wee Wah Pond, our secondary drinking water source, while other parcels front streams that flow into the Tuxedo Lake and/or into the Ramapo River, which provides water for millions in New York and New Jersey. To prevent storm water runoff of pollutants and sediments into the drinking water, the DPW with TPTAB will work under advice of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Tree for Tribs (as in tributaries) Program to restore waterfront buffers so as to maintain the health of our water sources.

Restoration can include planting of native trees and shrubs and removal of invasive species.

We will stage our work. The first locations we tend to are Augusta Brook behind the Centennial Wall flower bed (where will plant trees and shrubs and selectively remove invasive species), the right side of Tuxedo Road leading up to the Race Track (where we will remove some fallen or standing dead trees but leaving enough for soil quality and wildlife habitat and to control erosion and storm water runoff), and the southern tip of Tuxedo Lake (where we will remove tree trunks and large branches left piled up on the ground after they had been unlawfully girdled/cut.)

For more information on the Trees for Tribs program and on Tools for Watershed Protection, visit and Hudson

+ Creating the Tuxedo Park Race Track Nature Preserve

+ Educating about sustainable tree management

Peruse this website! There are many helpful suggestions on how best to care for our trees.

The website will be continuously updated. So visit us often!

The TPTAB will be organizing seminars featuring expert speakers on a variety of topics relating to trees. Some events will be aimed at landscapers, others will be designed for children and for the general public. Watch out for announcements of coming events!

If you have any question about trees, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy and ready to help.

+ Collaborating with Orange & Rockland, our utility company

Orange & Rockland (O&R) periodically prune/cut trees away from power lines. Going forward, the Village Building Inspector, DPW and TPTAB will coordinate with O&R to optimize work on trees along electric lines.

For example, if we identify along a public road a hazardous tree or massive vines that are strangling a tree, the Village will involve O&R crew in correcting the situation (and inform property owners as appropriate).

It is possible for property owners to avoid future “tree and utility conflicts”. Before you next plant a tree, learn about the right tree to plant in the right location by visiting

+ Collaborating with community organizations

The TPTAB works with other community organizations to promote the benefits of trees and to implement tree conservation, education and planting programs.

To start, we have secured the assistance of the Tuxedo Park Garden Club (TPGC): the TPGC demonstrated tree planting and composting techniques at our Arbor Day Celebration on April 30. Their members also helped us plant some 150 trees and shrubs at the Augusta Brook area on May 2. The plants were gifted to us by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) under their Trees for Tribs (as in tributaries) program.

+ Teaching children about the importance of trees

Students from the George Grant Mason Elementary School gave a delightful performance at our Arbor Day Celebration on April 30. They sang “Trees”, the poem by Joyce Kilmer beautifully set to music.

The TPTAB will also organize special tree education workshops for children, and explore the opportunity with all our local schools of granting school credits for participation in these workshops.