Transformation work in progress


+ October 2017 Race Track Nature Preserve transformation highlights.

  • A new north entrance with a safe parking area on East Lake Stable Road, connecting the pre-existing circular path with the Fox Hill Trail
  • A new “Savanah” trail in the middle of the basin to improve viewing experience
  • Eliminated the bulk of invasive brushes and weeds in the basin
  • Planted 2 dogwood trees, 1 tulip tree and 6 grey (spreading) dogwood shrubs
  • Many native flowers, grasses and shrubs have returned (e.g., Milk Weed, Spiderwort, Black-eye Susan, Golden Rod, Trillium, Sassafras, etc.)
  • Removed many invasive Norway Maple trees
  • Cut strangling vines off trees
  • Graded the basin area to prepare for seeding next year
  • Seeding of the entire flat basin with native flowers and grasses planned for June 2018 (the best time to seed a meadow)

June 2017 update on work at the Race Track Nature Preserve. Read more here.

May 2017 Native plants and wildlife return after removal of the invasive vegetation.

March 2017 Tackling the invasive plants.  Read more here.